Objective & History Of Web Site Plan

The objective of this web site is to promote an additional, generic phrase to describe our Great Lakes region of America:
The North Coast of America is our offered phrase.
The North Coast seemed to be more inclusive , as well as world specific.

*Also: intended to be educational Re: many aspects of The North Coast.
See other drop-downs, Re: Notes / The ‘River’ / Press Release

It just seemed some local phrases could be added to possibly become a more specific phrase, for the north of the U.S and with a grander scope? Some current examples being commonly expressed:

Current phrases:
“Up North”?
Which may be; Michigan? Michigan’s U.P.?; Canada?; Alaska? … Wherever?

“Third Coast”
Where is “The 3rd Coast”? The Gulf Coast?, Or somewhere close by?

“The Midwest”?
Wikipedia says, “The 12 states from Ohio to the Dakota’s”

We are suggesting to offer, “The North Coast”, because

The North Coast is longer than the East, West or the Gulf Coast!

It is 45% of the World’s longest international boundary of 5,525 miles.

Between the World’s 2nd (Canada) & 3rd (USA) largest countries.

It clearly identifies the Great Lakes area & also, it just sounds great!

Result-to promote “The North Coast”
A website created and named as, www.thenorthcoastofamerica.com
Reads as ” The North Coast of America.com”
Trade marked as, The North Coast of Contiguous America

This was totally created with all local talent in Traverse City, Michigan (Population: 15,000), from legal, on through all the technical fields required! We are providing a “shop”-ing link to the World’s largest clothing printer. They are an online Michigan retailer, who can provide t-shirts & sweatshirts with the trademarked North Coast logo.

Financial goal: All net proceeds from these shirt sales will be donated to a Traverse City area wide charity – Women’s Resource Center -(WRC). Provides primary services for domestic & sexual violence survivors. All net proceeds will be donated as to: “The BIZ fund”, in honor of Biz, a model survivor from severe verbal abuse.

A Derby Day International Lottery?
If a ‘ball’ could be shown to survive the ‘river like’ water’s path all the way to salt water, I.E, the ocean, then a lottery could be established.
Possible scenario?
A dozen different colored & numbered balls to be released, after tickets purchased, then, if a ball survives as ‘first’, after all the admin costs, the funds to be divided equally to all the winning ticket holders. If no balls survive, then divide the funds equally to a Canadian charity, and to the women’s resource center in Traverse City, Michigan.